25 May, 2010

Too busy to blog

It sounds like a good excuse, doesn't it? So many days over the past couple of months, I have had the passing thought that I should update the blog, that I was being a very bad blogger. But then this or that would happen, and the next thing I knew, almost 3 months had gone by without a blog post.

I finished my second semester of grad school, and am still maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Years ago when I went to college after high school, my loving dad informed me that I could do as well as he did in school, but I could not do better. He graduated with a 4.0. I think he said that to appeal to my competitive side. I did well, but I didn't quite pull off a perfect GPA. Now I'm in it to redeem myself. I figure that if I can pull it off in grad school, then I have too done better!

My sons have all experienced their own changes in recent months. My oldest is almost done with his first year of middle school and is that much closer to becoming a real teenager instead of a "tween" (he hates that term). He is trying very hard to fill the role of the moody teen boy, but I still love him. My middle son recently celebrated the removal of his first round of braces and is enjoying chewing gum again. He will test for his blue belt in shito ryu this Friday, and has recently discovered a love for acting, and wants to get involved in local theater. My youngest graduated from preschool, complete with cap and gown, which was a bit too much pomp and circumstance for a four year old in my opinion, but I still cried. I suppose that is part of being a mom.

I haven't forgotten that I'm supposed to be spinning for a sweater. Progress is slow but steady.

I decided that the best way to avoid burnout was to alternate. A bobbin of brown, a bobbin of color. I also decided that I needed to get out of my comfort zone when buying fiber, I always gravitate towards the blues, greens, and browns. The best way to do that, I figured, was to join a fiber club. Given that I have always enjoyed spinning fiber from Spunky Eclectic, I joined the Spunky fiber club. If was truly hoping for something out of my comfort zone, my first shipment did not disappoint.

It is destined to become the brightest pair of socks that I own, and I'm loving every minute of it!

This past weekend, I went to my first fiber festival. The Carolina Fiber Fest was a relatively small event in comparison to Rhinebeck or MDS&W, but it was great fun, and I may win the prize for spending the most money there. You see, my dream wheel from the beginning has been the Majacraft Rose, and while I've been able to resist temptation when drooling over it online, it was harder to resist when the wheel was physically in front of me. So I brought it home.

(Ignore the baskets of laundry in the background, I've been a bit distracted!) I mean, really, who can resist that? A wheel that is not only one of the best wheels I have ever spun on, but is beautiful to boot? I couldn't! I'll be paying it off for awhile, but it is worth it. I've already spun my first hank of yarn on it, another of my club fibers from Amy.

Here's to hoping that another 3 months don't pass by before I update again...

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