04 February, 2010

Taking a break

I'm taking a short break from paper writing. I wish I was spinning, or knitting, or really, anything else. But papers it is this week, and now the deadline approaches for two short papers, and as usual, I'm down to the wire. I'm the queen of procrastination in many respects, though I have gotten better in many regards over the years. This time, it was not my fault though, I swear. I'll make it, I (nearly) always do, but it will be close.

That little bit of snow we had? Yeah, it messed up my whole week of carefully laid plans (that, by the way, involved having both of my papers done by now). I think I mentioned that here in the south, even a little bit of snow is a very big deal. Enough to keep the kids out of school for three days. Three days that I intended to have at least part of to myself for research and writing ended up being three days with three very restless chidren. Add a head cold for me into the mix, and understandably, I did not get as much done as I had hoped. Today, they all happily left for school after a one hour delay, only to have one child call home sick after only an hour at school. So yet another challenging day. Sigh. It will be a long night.

Once papers are handed in however, I plan to take a little time to myself to finish knitting my swatches for the sweater, and maybe work on the sleeve of the other sweater that is almost done. With any luck, my next blog post will include some pretty pictures to show off, maybe even of one completed sweater. Hopefully, I'll have some good grades to report as well.

For now though, I'm signing off to get back to work.

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