26 January, 2010

Knock knock

Is anybody out there? Of course not.

I'm Amy. I'm a mom, a spinner, a knitter, a library science grad student and hopeful future librarian. At any given time, I may blog about any of those aspects of my life, or something else entirely. Mostly though, if I can manage to be a good blogger, I imagine that the majority of my posts will concern my obsession with fiber related activities.

So, my first post will exist to hold me accountable for my grand plan, to spin for and knit a sweater out of this

That, my friends, is 1 kg of Polwarth wool top from Rovings. I love Francine, she is so wonderful, and this wool is simply a delight to spin. And, there's a lot of it. A LOT.

The way I figure it, between parenting duties and school obligations, this project will take me at least a year. More if I get distracted, which, well, I'm pretty likely to do!

1 comment:

  1. That top is breathtakingly lovely. I'd order some right this moment if I hadn't just reorganized my stash and run across fiber I'd completely forgotten about! I can't wait to see what you make with it.